Erick Hernandez: “This Program Is What It Says It Is”

To hear Erick Hernandez tell it, the 6th-grade version of himself was “a rowdy kid” who didn’t pay much attention to his teachers and didn’t care much about his school work.  His grades told the dismal story. Today, however, there exists a completely different version of Erick Hernandez – a…

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2nd Community Reconciliation Prayer Gathering June 27

Tuesday, June 27 7:00 p.m. at New Hope Baptist Church, Aaron Samuels Blvd., Danbury Join us for the second in our series of prayer gatherings this year, to ask God to bless our efforts to heal our nation, and reconcile all people to God and to each other.

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Absorbing Pain, Bringing Rest

One of the seven goals of Jericho’s new Community Reconciliation objective is to “absorb the pain” of those who are suffering, allowing them rest, body and soul.  Mark Grasso, the Executive Director of Good Samaritan Mission – Jericho’s Ministry Partner that works with men recovering from addictions – shares his…

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Reflecting the Character of God

By Rev. Brian Mowrey, Lead Pastor, Walnut Hill Community Church One of the seven goals of Jericho’s new Community Reconciliation objective is to “Reflect the Character of God” and offering compassion, grace and love to those who are suffering.  Brian Mowrey, Lead Pastor at Walnut Hill, shares his thoughts about…

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Five Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

We know that volunteering to serve others –  at Jericho, we call it “being the hands and feet of Jesus” – is a blessing to those who receive your time, compassion and love. But what about the volunteer? Recent research has determined that there are some surprising benefits to the…

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Black History Month Essay Winners Chosen

Click HERE to watch the essay winners receive their awards.   As Black History Month draws to a close, Pathways Danbury Youth Ministries has selected the winners of its annual Black History Month Essay Contest.  The topic for the 700-plus-word essay: “what Black History Month means to me.” Ethan Hutchins,…

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Nobel Winner Leymah Gbowee Visits Jericho

It’s not every day a Nobel Peace Prize winner comes to your front door.  Saturday at Jericho wasn’t “every day.” So when Leymah Gbowee came to Jericho Partnership to hear about our ministry to the city, it was truly a moment to remember. Leymah was in Danbury as the keynote…

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Just A Thought

“Happy New Year” and may the next months prove to be satisfying in every respect. As this year rolls out month after month we can decide to look forward and make choices consistent with our values or we can waddle through and hope for change. I don’t necessarily believe in…

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She’s the Face of Patience

The person I consider to be a mentor in my life is also one of my closest friends. We’ve shared life – its joyful highs and its crippling lows – for 15+ years. The wisdom that she freely offers in some of the most trying situations is plumbed directly from…

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The Blessing of Being a Mentor

By Rev. Chris Yount The term mentor has the potential to strike fear into the heart of those who are being asked to consider such a role. This is unfortunate because the reality is that many of us are already serving in the role of mentor in an “unofficial” capacity…

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