Meet Sera Pisani, CityServe Coordinator

Sera Pisani has joined our staff as CityServe Coordinator; she’ll be organizing and working primarily with volunteers serving in our Reading Buddy program, but will also have a role with our CleanStart and Spring Street Neighborhood Center initiatives. 

Sera is new to the non-profit sector but is thrilled to begin her journey at Jericho. Sera graduated from Manhattan College in 2016 with a B.A. in English and Communications and has experience in publishing, child care, and education.

Here’s some more about Sera, in her own words.

What are your hobbies?

Aside from spending time with family and friends, finding moments of peace and quietness is very important to me. I love activities like hiking and or simply walking to contemplate and reconnect my mind and body. I also love reading, and when I have time I’ll write/journal about currents events or my relation to the world around me just to keep my mind working at a critical level.


What has shaped you the most for your new job? 

I have a history of working with kids in both academic and athletic settings. Being able to watch them grow and learn through the years has taught me the longevity and dedication required to truly impact the lives of children. I also have always been passionate about social justice advocacy and there is nothing more important in society than supporting primary education. That is where everything begins and where we can begin to solve the problems happening throughout the rest of the societal branches. I spent so much time in school discussing and theorizing about inequality at a systemic levels, but now I am able to turn that theory into action.


How do you see God’s love being shared at South Street School?

Every morning when I watch our volunteers walk through the doors. These are people from all walks of life who are selflessly giving their time and energy to these children. They choose to show up, and seeing the kids get excited or passionate about reading directly correlates to the volunteers who read with them every day.


What’s been your biggest joy in working at Jericho?

So far it has been the people. My colleagues,  the volunteers, and most especially, the kiddos. No matter what mood I am in, the second the little ones run into the cafeteria and tell me about their weekend or exciting new project, everything else melts away and I am overcome with hope and happiness. I also feel blessed to be learning as much as I am.


What’s one experience you have had that solidified in your head and heart that you are where you’re supposed to be?

It’s hard to think of one, since this entire experience has been a consistent string of events that have reinforced my purpose here. From the moment I stepped into Jericho’s building I have been blessed again and again. I can’t say whether it’s the kids’ enthusiasm every morning or the incredible support system Jericho provides, but I know that God has brought me here for a reason.


How do you hope God stretches you through this position?

I am determined to be a student for as long as I can, even as I grow and progress. I am here to listen and serve. I hope that I can be used as a tool to expand the projects that Jericho already has and maybe even help to get new projects off the ground. I love the kids of this community and more than anything I want to help them succeed and feel loved.


What is your prayer for CityServe?

I hope to be an asset and provide unique skills to diversify and expand the programs that are already in place. I also hope to contribute new ideas to assist the other team leaders of CityServe and continue finding ways to integrate our projects to reap the maximum amount of benefits for the individuals we serve. Ultimately I want to see this initiative wrap itself around every vulnerable member of Danbury and encourage their growth and success.

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