Summer Camp Registration is Underway

Summer Camp registration is underway at two Jericho ministries!

Our two biggest camps include:

  • Summer Learning Camp, offered at Jericho Spring Street Neighborhood Center. This seven-week camp, for students entering kindergarten through grade 5, gives kids in Danbury’s the inner city a place to spend summer vacation, with activities including games, crafts, dance & movement, AND the opportunity to work on their summer reading and assignments.  The cost for the seven-week program is $385 per student from the Spring Street neighborhood; it’s $580 for others in Danbury who wish to attend.
  • WyldLife Camp, run by Young Life. This camp for 6th through 8th graders, will be July 4 to 8 at NorthBay in Maryland; kids will learn more about who God is in their lives while they get away from their daily home life and enjoy sailing, tubing, kayaking, zip lines, basketball, beach volleyball and more! The cost for each student (which includes transportation, meals, lodging, activities and insurance) is $300.  View or download the flyer to learn more.

Jericho’s Advisory Board, which is composed of pastors from all 26 of our Partner Congregations, was so excited about the opportunity our youth had to attend camp this year, they pledged to help make that happen by giving financially to help sponsor kids in need.

Why?  Pastor Tim Kuhn, of Faith at Newtown, shares his heart:

“Summer Bible camp had a major impact in my personal life. Every year I would fight against my parents about going, and near the end of the first week of camp, I would invariably call them to stay a second week.  The reasons I believe it was so important in my life, and so important for young people even more so today is:

  1. It places the child/teen into a spiritual climate and culture. For many of them, this is a foreign environment in their day to day living.
  2. It builds healthy and vibrant spiritual relationships with wholesome friends.
  3. It allows a for a focus of preaching, teaching, and sharing that often cannot exist in a one hour setting. Christian camp is a 24-7 spiritual environment.
  4. It allows a young person to “get away” from some unhealthy situations, poor conditions, or just normal routines. This can help them to focus on spiritual things, prayer, and the Word of God.

Not only was a great blessing in my life, but after getting involved in ministry, I was privileged to take many of these trips as a leader and counselor with our youth group in PA. I learned much about young people and sharing Christ in a relaxed setting of a campfire and a week of camp.  I look back on those years with great fondness knowing how it impacted my life personally, and how I was able to impact youth for Christ in a camp setting.

(The Board is doing this now) to invest in the next generation. It is investing in a soul while they are young and have their life ahead of them.”

If you want to help send a student to camp, to have the week of a lifetime experiencing Christ on a deeper level, click here.


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